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Car accidents: Drugs suspected in crash causing serious injuries

When crashes cause serious injuries to motorists in Ohio, investigators do what they can to determine the cause and the identity of the party or parties believed responsible. Some car accidents take longer than others to investigate, especially when drugs or alcohol use is suspected. Waiting for toxicology results can further delay the process.

Deputies in Hamilton County believe drugs played a part in a two-vehicle crash that caused injuries to one of the drivers. Reportedly, a 27-year-old driver of a pickup truck was traveling along U.S. 50 when he veered across the center into the traffic lanes of the vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. A head-on collision followed when the pickup truck smashed into a passenger car.

The drivers of both vehicles needed extrication by firefighters because they were trapped inside the wrecks. According to authorities, the 31-year-old woman who drove the car was rushed to a medical center in Cincinnati. Her injuries were described as life-threatening, while the truck driver’s injuries were not. They said a seat belt did not restrain the truck driver, but the woman was strapped in.

The injured woman is entitled to pursue recovery of medical expenses and other damages by filing a personal injury claim in an Ohio civil court. Establishing negligence in car accidents can be challenging, and the help of an experienced personal injury attorney may make navigation of the lawsuit significantly easier. If the driver of the pickup truck is criminally charged and convicted for impaired driving in the meantime, it may count in favor of the injured woman when her claim is considered in court.

Source:, “West Harrison Woman Seriously Hurt In Ohio Crash”, Mike Perleberg, April 11, 2017