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Car Accidents: Failure to yield sends 4 teens to the hospital

When specific intersections in Ohio townships become threats to motorists, it is not uncommon for communities to demand change. This is also the case in a township where one intersection has been the site of three car accidents in 2015 and five in 2016. Then, on a recent Wednesday, four teenagers landed in the hospital after crashing at that crossing.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the four teenagers were occupants of a pickup truck that approached the two-way stop. However, the driver allegedly failed to stop or yield to other traffic, and a crash that caused injuries to all four occupants ensued. No details were published about the accident and any other involved drivers or passengers.

The county engineer said he would reopen a prior investigation into the threat of the intersection that involved a crash that caused a fractured wrist, leg and skull of a driver more than a year ago. The previous crash analysis study indicated that failure to yield caused most accidents, and posting additional warning signs obviously did not make it safer. However, after this recent crash, authorities might approve the installation of other traffic control methods.

The three injured passengers in the most recent accident are entitled to pursue financial relief to assist with medical and hospital bills. In car accidents in which the drivers’ negligence causes injuries to passengers, those injured victims may hold the drivers financially liable. However, before the court adjudicates their documented claims for inclusion in monetary judgments, the plaintiffs must establish negligence on the part of the drivers.

Source:, “Number of accidents at Sharon Twp intersection where teens crashed almost doubled in last two years“, Kristin Volk, Jan. 12, 2017