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Car accidents: Christmas Eve crash kills mom, dad and young child

When loved ones lose their lives over the holidays, it is naturally traumatic for the surviving family members. This is typically a time when families get together, and if lives are lost in car accidents, surviving family members may be overwhelmed every year at this time as they remember the tragic events. One Ohio family was dealt such a blow when a couple and their daughter were involved in a crash on Christmas Eve.

Reportedly, the family was westbound on Interstate 270 in the late afternoon when an eastbound driver lost control of her vehicle. The 38-year-old driver traveled across the median and entered the westbound traffic lanes. The vehicle collided with the car carrying a husband and wife, ages 39 and 41, along with their 8-year-old daughter.

The driver who crossed the center median died on impact, and paramedics rushed the man and woman in the other car to a hospital. Sadly, they did not make it and were declared dead upon arrival at the emergency room. Emergency workers admitted their critically injured daughter to the hospital, but she succumbed to her injuries in the early hours of Christmas morning. Officers suspect possible impairment in the crossover driver.

When lives are lost in car accidents on Ohio roads, surviving family members may seek recovery of monetary damages. In this case, there will be three funerals and burials to arrange, and costs will be substantial. Wrongful death claims may be filed against negligent drivers. In a case such as this one in which the at-fault driver also died, the at fault driver’s estate may be named as a defendant. The support and guidance of an experienced wrongful death attorney can help the family pursue justice and seek financial redress for financial losses.

Source:, “Family of three killed in Christmas Eve crash“, Dec. 26, 2016