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January 2017 Archives

Car accidents involving buggies often result in fatalities

There will always be additional challenges in areas of Ohio where automobiles and buggies share the roads. Car accidents involving buggies often result in fatalities or serious injuries. A recent fatal accident in Northern Ohio underscores the tragedy that can occur when buggies and cars collided.

Workers' compensation claim may follow well pad worker's death

When lives are lost in workplace accidents in Ohio and elsewhere, the surviving family members naturally experience severe trauma -- and it may be even worse when the deceased employee was not even 20 years old. Such a tragedy occurred in another state earlier this month. Families of deceased workers may claim death benefits from the workers' compensation insurance system, and although the compensation may relieve the financial burden, it will not ease the heartache.

Car Accidents: Failure to yield sends 4 teens to the hospital

When specific intersections in Ohio townships become threats to motorists, it is not uncommon for communities to demand change. This is also the case in a township where one intersection has been the site of three car accidents in 2015 and five in 2016. Then, on a recent Wednesday, four teenagers landed in the hospital after crashing at that crossing.

What is the top cause of fatal car accidents in Ohio?

When determining what causes fatal car accidents across the country, the statistics are all over the road. However, one study compiled by the Auto Insurance Center gives us a better idea of the top cause of fatal car accidents in each state. The statistics are based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) from 2009 to 2013. How did Ohio fare?

Workers' compensation may bring financial relief after amputation

Many workers in industrial facilities face hazards in their workplaces that could result in amputations. Employers who disregard safety regulations may not realize that, even though workers' compensation benefits cover financial losses, the emotional damages caused by losing a limb or even just a finger are not covered. The impact such an injury can have on the life of an employee and his or her family is devastating.

Car accidents: Christmas Eve crash kills mom, dad and young child

When loved ones lose their lives over the holidays, it is naturally traumatic for the surviving family members. This is typically a time when families get together, and if lives are lost in car accidents, surviving family members may be overwhelmed every year at this time as they remember the tragic events. One Ohio family was dealt such a blow when a couple and their daughter were involved in a crash on Christmas Eve.