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Even seemingly minor car accidents can result in serious injuries

Many people in Ohio and elsewhere understandably feel lucky and without subsequent concerns in the immediate aftermath of a motor vehicle accident if they emerge seemingly unscathed and without evident injuries.

A recent article in the Atlanta Magazine brings up a very relevant point concerning car accidents, though, specifically ones in which drivers and passengers might not readily appreciate the stresses to which their bodies have been subjected.

Those accidents are often gauged by those who manage to walk away as being relatively minor and not warranting post-crash medical attention.

That can be a serious mistake, because injuries that are real, significant and in need of medical care can be underappreciated. Sometimes shock can factor into a driver’s or passenger’s laissez faire attitude following a crash. Sometimes an injury is not properly attended to because it is not visible. At other times, an injury might not become apparent for one or several days following an accident.

The Atlanta Magazine article discusses some of the serious post-crash problems that can be visited on the human body even in an accident deemed non life-threatening.

Those injuries run a wide gamut, including whiplash, severe soreness, undetected bone fractures, internal injuries caused by hard hits to the chest, back and other parts of the parts, and head trauma such as concussions.

An accident in which the air bags deploy, the body strikes the steering wheel or where other significant impact occurs should in most cases be followed by a medical check.

In many cases, too, accident victims who are injured worse than what immediately seemed to be the case will be well served by consulting with a proven car accident attorney.

Source: Atlanta Magazine, “Wallking away from a car crash,” Christine Van Dusen, Oct. 9, 2013