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November 2013 Archives

OSHA: New proposal will help in our oversight of workplace safety

David Michaels, the Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, notes that, given his agency’s limited resources, it would take OSHA investigators about a century to conduct safety inspections at all the nation’s workplaces.

All-terrain vehicles: Where do they reside on the safety spectrum?

As noted by author and outdoor enthusiast David Foote, all-terrain vehicles have been a mainstay on byways and back roads for several decades now, especially since a manufacturing tweak turning many of them into four-wheelers increased their access for millions of people.

Driver cuts off motorcycle, 2 riders injured in Ohio

Drivers accept major responsibilities every time they get behind the wheel. Even if a person has many years of driving experience, they should never forget the importance of paying attention at all times. If person is distracted -- even for a few moments -- they could cause an accident.