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Meet Warren Greeno: A really, really good commercial truck driver

If you happen to see Wal-Mart long-distance trucker Warren Greeno driving his big rig in Ohio or elsewhere in the country, you’ll notice him. Greeno will be behind the wheel of a shiny red 18-wheeler that has his name painted on the side.

Oh, and this additionally noted information as well: a statistic confirming that Greeno has not been involved in a single truck accident while amassing more than four million driving miles for Wal-Mart over the past 31 years.

That driving record is flatly unprecedented for the massive retailer, a company already known in the trucking industry for its emphasis on driving safety. Wal-mart requires that every new hire have an accident-free record of at least 250,000 miles.

Greeno has that by a multiple of 16-plus, and he continues to add to his unblemished performance each day as he motors across the country’s interstates.

There are many other truckers in Wal-Mart’s pantheon of the greats, scores of wanna-be dethroners who still have a lot of tread to go through before approximating Greeno’s feat. The company states that more than 80 drivers have logged at least three million miles.

Greeno, though, stands — or rather, sits — alone. On average, he has driven 500 accident-free miles daily over the past three decades and counting.

“There was a half-dozen times when the Lord was riding with me,” he modestly says about his accomplishment.

When Greeno recently pulled into an unloading center, other drivers cheered him. That same appreciation is likely felt by drivers of passenger vehicles across the country, whose safety is collectively heightened by impeccable performers toiling daily in the nation’s commercial trucking industry.

Source: Guardian Express, “Wal-Mart trucker Warren Greeno honored for 4 million miles accident-free,” Lisa Nance, Sept. 23, 2013