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UPDATE: parts defect tentatively ruled out in Ohio bus accident

The previous post in our Cleveland Personal Injury Law Blog focused on a Greyhound bus accident that recently occurred in Ohio. There were 52 passengers on board the passenger bus when it overturned on Interstate 75. Four people were left in critical condition and another 12 were left in serious condition after the accident.

First, the victims were treated. Second, authorities had begun an investigation into the cause of the accident. In the previous post, we listed several common causes for serious accidents such as this one. While the investigation continues, officials have tentatively ruled out at least one of the possible causes.

Thus far, there has not been any indication that an auto defect caused the crash, said State Highway Patrol Sgt. Charlie Scales. No evidence was found to indicate a maintenance or defect issue, and so investigators have turned their attention towards the driver.

Scales reported that a “performance issue” may have led to the driver losing control, running off the road and causing the bus to overturn.

As a part of evidence collection, the investigators likely took witness statements describing the events that led up to the crash. On top of those, they are attempting to get their hands on any bus surveillance video that may exist. When the driver’s listed phone number was called, it appeared as though it had been disconnected.

This evidence may be used in a personal injury lawsuit for damages, along with any other evidence of driver negligence that an attorney’s independent investigation may turn up.

Source: abc NEWS, “Investigators Focusing on Bus Driver in Ohio Crash,” Sept. 18, 2013