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September 2013 Archives

Fed regulators slap Ohio Home Depot store for safety violations

Saying that “it continues to dismiss a culture of safety as a priority,” an official from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced fines against national retailer Home Depot for multiple safety infractions observed at one Ohio store.

UPDATE: parts defect tentatively ruled out in Ohio bus accident

The previous post in our Cleveland Personal Injury Law Blog focused on a Greyhound bus accident that recently occurred in Ohio. There were 52 passengers on board the passenger bus when it overturned on Interstate 75. Four people were left in critical condition and another 12 were left in serious condition after the accident.

52 passengers tossed about when Greyhound bus turns over in Ohio

It was like a scene from a television show as people emerged from the tall grasses surrounding Interstate 75 in Butler County, Ohio. The Liberty Township Fire Chief Paul Stump said that “the injured and walking wounded were walking up the hill, seeking attention” when the crew arrived at the accident location.

State patrolman slams into Beavercreek motorcycle without slowing

A shocking dashcam video has been released showing an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper apparently not slowing down at all before slamming his cruiser into a motorcycle, seriously injuring the couple who was riding it. The motorcycle accident occurred on Aug. 17 on westbound U.S. 35, but the video was not immediately released because the Greene County prosecutor wanted a grand jury to see it before the public.

Rear-end collision turns fatal for Ohio driver hit by truck

We see commercial-sized vehicles on the road quite frequently across Cleveland as their make their way from state to state. Generally, we may not think anything of the enormous trucks that drive alongside us, carrying heavy or hazardous cargo, but the fact is that these tractor trailers can pose a serious threat to other motorists.

Study: motorcycles' small size confuses your eyes, so be careful

We've all seen the bumper stickers that read "Start Seeing Motorcycles," but a new study by a psychologist at Texas Tech University could mean the slogan should be modified just a bit. If we want to make progress on preventing motorcycle accidents, maybe we should change that to "Start Seeing Motorcycles and Then Slow Down"?