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Safety problems continue to beset Ford; latest recall announced

If you became enamored last autumn with the newly redesigned Ford Fusion, you might be altogether happy with it.

Alternatively, chances are you’ve undergone more than a modicum of frustration, along with worries stoked by the auto maker itself that problems with the vehicle could contribute materially to car accident risks.

Some Fusion owners experiencing the worst-case scenario can downplay this tape in their heads. Purchased the car last September. Recalled shortly thereafter in November to fix a problem with the lights. Recalled again in December to attend to engine leaks that the company noted could result in a vehicle fire. Follow-up repairs subsequently deemed necessary regarding fluid leak risks; car brought back for additional repairs. Unfortunately, and because parts not available, vehicle out of commission. And, just today, company announcement that car must be brought in yet again to remedy a steering gear problem that could cause a crash.

That litany of woes is certainly a contributing factor to, although not the entire reason for, what a recent Reuters article calls “another black eye” for Ford. Today’s announcement concerning the Fusion is just a small part of a larger bit of news regarding recalls on more than 420,000 vehicles comprising several 2013-year models for leaking fuel tanks that could bring about vehicle fires. Ford says that it has received hundreds of complaints about the problem from vehicle owners. The recall includes select Fusion, Explorer, Taurus and Lincoln vehicles.

Once again, the auto maker notes that an adequate number of replacement parts is not currently available, and that some owners must wait until September to get their vehicles fixed.

Ford has already recalled more than 700,000 vehicles this year.

Source: Reuters, “Ford recalling 465,000 2013 models to check for fuel tank leaks,” Paul Lienert, June 3, 2013