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December 2012 Archives

Ohio Toyota owners part of landmark class action settlement

Toyota Motor Corp has closed the largest remaining chapter in a lengthy saga following a number of reported vehicle defects and recalls. To address the mass of potential claims attached to roughly 16 million Toyota vehicles throughout the United States, including in Ohio, the Japanese automaker has agreed to a settlement of $1.1 billion dollars.

Ohio Workers' Compensation Board weighs in on safety training

The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) has long required that employers of workers who have sustained on-the-job injuries satisfy safety training requirements by having a company representative attend a two-hour training session. The goal is to underscore the importance of employees' safety in the workplace, review accident causes and company policies and improve workplace injury outcomes in the future.

New car crash test results turn more than a few industry heads

The new crash safety test being implemented by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is creating some shock waves among automakers and their customers due to surprising test results that are challenging prior notions of the safety of various models.

OSHA cites, fines Ohio company for multiple safety violations

Managers from Canton-based Timken Company are well acquainted with safety inspectors from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), with various company-run facilities having been inspected by agency regulators on 17 different occasions since 2007.

Some Ohio motorists could be affected by trucks' rust problem

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that Toyota has recalled vehicles for rust issues that could cause car and truck accidents. The latest motor vehicle recall involved Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks, with around 150,000 of them recalled for model years 2001 through 2004.

GAO: States' strategies for motorcycle safety need to be improved

As we have noted in a few select posts addressing motorcycle accident and safety issues, Ohio is not among the strong minority of states that imposes a universal helmet requirement on riders and passengers traveling inside the state.

Link found between head trauma, chemical exposure, and Parkinson's

A recent study found a link between being knocked unconscious, exposure to certain chemical toxins, and an individual being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Authors were careful to note that finding a link does not mean that these factors cause the disease, but rather that the information brings us closer to understanding Parkinson's disease, which affects thousands of adults each year.

Ohio man keeps positive attitude through bike accident recovery

An Ohio State student who was hit by a dump truck while riding his bike on campus earlier this year told reporters that the recovery from his injuries has been difficult, but that he is maintaining a positive outlook. The young man lost a leg when he was hit by the truck and has undergone multiple surgeries to try to repair the other leg. His family told local news sources that things have been getting steadily better and that he is working hard to regain function in his leg.