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Link found between head trauma, chemical exposure, and Parkinson’s

A recent study found a link between being knocked unconscious, exposure to certain chemical toxins, and an individual being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Authors were careful to note that finding a link does not mean that these factors cause the disease, but rather that the information brings us closer to understanding Parkinson’s disease, which affects thousands of adults each year.

In particular, pesticides exposure was linked to Parkinson’s disease, which could indicate that agricultural workers may be more at risk for developing Parkinson’s. The study used a sample of patients who had been recently diagnosed who all lived in an area with a lot of farming. The results showed that 47 percent of the participants had been exposed to a specific herbicide both at work and near their homes. In a control group, 39 percent of participants had exposure to pesticides.

When combined, exposure to pesticides and a history of a traumatic brain injury nearly triple someone’s risk of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Farm workers who have been repeatedly exposed to pesticides or herbicides and who have suffered from an illness or injury as a result may be eligible to receive workers compensation or additional personal injury compensation from their employer. Workers compensation can help take care of medical bills and make up for time that the injured person had to spend away from work. Each case is different, so workers who think they could be entitled to compensation from their employer may benefit from contacting a legal professional to find out more about their rights under Ohio law.

Source: Reuters, “Head injury, pesticides tied to Parkinson’s disease” Genevra Pittman, Nov. 13, 2012