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High-Speed Car Accident Kills Ohio Teen, Injures Two Others

There is no finger pointing or recrimination in the wake of a tragic car accident that took the life of one teen and injured two others last week in Massillon, about 50 miles south of Cleveland. There is only sadness and the hope expressed by one person with close involvement to the accident that young drivers take heed of its facts and consequences and learn something from it.

On the evening of April 3, the 19-year-old driver of a Mustang car driven at an estimated speed of more than 100 miles per hour lost control while passing another vehicle and went off the road as he was heading into the city. The Mustang hit a ditch and hurtled into a field, ejecting all its occupants — the driver, a front-seat passenger and a rear-seat passenger. Both passengers were 18. The rider in the back seat died about four hours later at a local hospital.

The person who owns the Mustangs told reporters that she lent it to the driver with complete trust that he would drive it responsibly. “He was our mechanic,” she said, “and he kept our cars rolling all the time.”

Sgt. Mark McDonald of the Ohio State Highway Patrol investigated the accident. He says that, although there is no evidence to indicate that the two cars were racing, witnesses report that the car that was passed appeared to be a model that was modified for racing. Police are searching for that driver.

Both the injured driver and his front-seat passenger are recovering from their injuries.

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