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Tragic Consequences in Toledo Multiple-Vehicle Collision

A tragic motor vehicle accident that occurred this past Wednesday afternoon on a Toledo highway serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that are ever-present on Ohio roadways and the need for drivers to be vigilant at all times.

Three people died in a multiple car crash involving three separate vehicles. The accident occurred prior to rush hour on Toledo’s Airport Highway.

Police say that a Honda driven by a pregnant young woman crossed over into the oncoming lane of the highway and struck a Dodge Grand Caravan minivan. Both persons in that vehicle – a retired Toledo police lieutenant and his wife – died instantly in the collision.

The woman was taken to the University of Toledo Medical Center, where she also died. Doctors there were able to perform an emergency C-Section prior to her death and save her baby, who was transferred to a local children’s hospital.

“We didn’t think it was anything serious,” stated one person who lives adjacent to the highway and heard the wreck. “We came out here and it was all that.” An eyewitness to the crash stated that the Honda “just ran into the truck.”

In addition to the Honda and minivan, a third vehicle was also involved in the collision. That car contained two people, who were described as having non-life-threatening injuries and were able to leave the accident scene without going to a hospital for medical care.

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