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Premises Liability Archives

Landlord considerations for firearms liability

Incidents with guns routinely make the headlines. Sometimes, mass shootings and similar incidents are intentional. More often, however, firearms injuries stem from accidents. In a time when every state has concealed carry laws, a commercial landlord or business owner in Ohio may need to be more aware of what might happen if an incident involving a firearm occurs on their property.

Commercial properties and premises liability law

When Ohio residents shop in grocery stores, visit movie theaters or stay in hotels, they usually don't expect that they will be injured. That's because commercial business owners owe their customers and anyone visiting their facilities a duty of care. Business owners are obligated to keep their premises safe and correct any hazardous conditions in a reasonable amount of time.

Staying safe around the pool in Ohio

The summer months tend to be a time when people go to private and public pools to get a break from the heat. However, both children and adults can be vulnerable to drowning, which means precautions should be taken when swimming at a public pool or at a friend's house. For instance, those who are in or around a pool should refrain from drinking alcohol or taking drugs as even good swimmers can be susceptible to drowning while under the influence.

A liability breakdown for some obscure premises situations

When it comes to premises liability, many people tend to think of situations pertaining to landlords and apartments. Maybe someone slipped on the stairs, or a person's apartment just wasn't up to code. As a result, the injured or affected party filed a lawsuit against the landlord or property owner.

This summer, watch out for dangerous premises in Cleveland

Summer is an exciting time for people all across Ohio, particularly children. School is out, vacations are on the horizon and there is plenty of time to spend outside. However, people of all ages need to remember that there are some risks that come with summer that can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

Cedar Point ride accident has Ohioans worried about park safety

Now that summer is in full swing, many Cleveland families are planning make (or have already made) the short trip to Sandusky to visit Cedar Point. This amusement park has been an Ohio staple for generations.