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Maximizing compensation after a third-party construction crash

As of April 2022, Ohio has already had 70 road construction crashes. If the accidents continue at this rate, it could double the work zone vehicle accidents reported in 2021.

The state workers’ compensation program covers vehicle accident injuries occurring in work zones (construction sites, road work sites, etc.). While this compensation is vital for physical recovery and returning to work, it might not cover all the financial hurdles that may arise after a work injury.

Is a third-party injury claim also possible?

In many cases, yes, you can seek workers’ compensation and file a separate injury claim after a third-party work zone accident. When it is possible, a multi-pronged approach to your injuries can maximize your financial restitution.

If you are considering an injury claim in addition to your workers’ comp claim, you need to identify the liable parties. Some examples of injury liability in a work zone crash include:

  • The driver of a passenger vehicle
  • The driver of a semi or other large commercial vehicle
  • The trucking company that employs a truck driver
  • The owner of a hazardous property that contributed to the accident or injury
  • The manufacturer of the involved vehicle or one of the vehicle’s parts (in the case of a defective auto part)

Road construction accidents typically result in catastrophic injuries. You and your family need as much financial restitution as possible to secure your future and recover from your harm. Exploring all the compensation options at your disposal ensures future financial security.

You can determine if your job accident qualifies for a third-party claim by learning more about workers’ compensation. Seeking a legal opinion can also improve your odds of success.