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Main causes of personal injuries at construction sites

Let’s face it; construction sites are dangerous places. Besides the physical nature of the work, construction site workers are also often required to operate dangerous machinery and work from elevated heights.

Thanks to the hazardous nature of construction work, workers in this industry face a disproportionate amount of workplace-related accidents and injuries. Here are the three main causes of personal injury in construction sites:


Fall in construction sites can take multiple forms. Construction workers are likely to fall from ladders, roofs and scaffolding. Falls from heights often happen when the support gives way or when the worker loses grip of the surface.

Falls can also happen when the construction worker slips when tripped by loose cables or while walking through poorly lit areas. Personal injuries resulting from falls may include head injuries, broken bones and soft tissue injuries.

Fires and explosions

It is not uncommon for faulty electrical systems or inflammable materials to cause a fire outbreak at a construction site. Fire accidents can result in burns as well as smoke inhalation. Fire accidents can be prevented at the construction site by reporting and fixing potential fire hazards as soon as they are noticed.

Getting struck by moving objects

From debris to dislocated timber through to vehicles and heavy machinery, there is never a shortage of moving objects in construction sites. Getting caught in the path of a moving object can result in a worker sustaining a serious, or at times, fatal injury.

Construction site accidents also happen when heavy objects or materials collapse on a worker or when they are trapped against the wall by moving machinery. Workers can avoid these accidents by being aware of their surroundings at all times and following the laid out safety precautions to the letter. Additionally, injuries from moving objects can be minimized by wearing the right protective gear while at work. That said, it is the employer’s responsibility to reduce the risks and do all they can to keep you safe.

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