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Back and joint injuries can forever limit your earning potential

After the first few days of medical leave after an injury on the job, most people are quite anxious to get back to work. However, those with serious injuries may find that returning to work isn’t as easy as just resting for a few days or taking over-the-counter pain medication.

Some people who break bones, suffer a hernia, hurt their backs or develop repetitive stress injuries will have lasting consequences because of those work injuries. Chronic pain, reduced strength and limited range of motion can all impact how well you do your job. Pain can also cause fatigue and affect your overall job performance.

For those who discover that they can’t just go back to the same work they once did, Ohio has workers’ compensation benefits that might help.

Permanent partial disability can help those with lasting symptoms

If you can no longer stand for eight hours straight or lift heavy objects, going back to your job on the factory floor won’t be an option. You may have to take a different job that offers lower pay. You can then ask for a percentage of permanent partial disability award.

Essentially, a qualified medical professional can determine the percentage of disability that you have after an injury. Workers’ compensation can then provide financial benefits based on the severity of your lasting symptoms. The higher the percentage, the higher the ultimate benefit.

The Ohio workers’ compensation insurance program tries to establish that percentage in a fair and neutral manner that does not involve the worker’s primary care physician. Instead, there is an independent, separate examination to explore how lasting symptoms affect someone’s function.

Long-term benefits can help you after a lasting injury

While getting back to work is probably your biggest priority, providing for your family is equally important. You shouldn’t have to suffer long-term financial hardship because of the difficult job you did that caused an injury.

If you have to accept a substantially reduced wage because of your injury, workers’ compensation benefits can help ensure that you can still support your family and pay your mortgage. Learning about permanent partial disability benefits will make it easier for you to ask for the support you need.