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Construction work is dangerous: Get compensated for your injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | Construction Accidents |

Working in Cleveland and local areas, you know that being on the road and working construction is extremely dangerous. There is always a flood of traffic, and drivers aren’t always patient.

There are many hazards that construction workers face when they work in road construction. Some of the top hazards include back-up and run-over collisions, which are possible with work vehicles and community traffic.

What can construction workers do to reduce the likelihood of an injury?

Before you ever step into the construction zone, your first thought should be to put on all of your personal protective equipment. This might include a hard hat, hearing protection, your high-visibility clothing and other PPE. You want to be sure that you stand out and are wearing gear that could protect you if you get hit by a car or a piece of machinery.

Controlling the flow of traffic is another essential part of workplace safety in a construction zone. Motorists need to know when an area is under construction and to have time to move over into another lane.

It’s smart to have physical barriers in place, and you always want to have a buffer area around it. If you’re working 100 feet away, giving yourself 200 feet of space between yourself and oncoming traffic isn’t a bad idea. You want a big enough buffer to be able to move out of the way if oncoming traffic enters your construction area.

Traffic should also be redirected when possible, and clear markings should be used to tell drivers when the work zone begins and ends.

Finally, make sure that you and all other workers have a clear line of sight. You want to be able to see oncoming traffic from all directions. That way, if you see a driver heading your way, you can alert others and quickly move out of the way. That driver might still enter your work area, but with enough time and a good buffer space, you may all be able to escape serious injury.

If you do get hurt in a work zone, remember that you can seek compensation. You deserve it for being put in harm’s way.


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