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Jackknifed trucks pose deadly dangers

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Cleveland residents know how to prepare their vehicles to deal with driving in the aftermath of lake-effect snowstorms. But no matter how well-prepared and careful you are on the roads, you are still at the mercy of other drivers around you who might be less cautious.

One particular danger that is heightened in winter is the risk of a large, commercial semitruck jackknifing on the interstate. This is dangerous not just for the truck driver at the wheel but the other passenger vehicles in proximity to the big rig on the road.

Wintry conditions perfect storm for jackknifing

Truckers are often pushed by their companies to press on through even the worst driving conditions. Of course, when the roads turn to sheets of ice, it is hazardous for even the safest trucker to continue their routes. But even getting up the road to the nearest exit or truck stop can prove too challenging.

If a truck tries to brake quickly — something that can happen frequently during inclement weather conditions — their brakes lock up. When the trailer swings wide and winds up near the cab itself, the truck is said to have jackknifed. 

Drivers, passengers can become casualties

Your passenger car, SUV or pickup truck are no match for the sheer weight and force of an out-of-control semitruck. The truck can easily knock you off the road and into the path of oncoming traffic. Pile-ups caused by secondary collisions are common after a weather-related jackknife happens on the interstate.

What are victims’ options after a semitruck wreck?

Your recovery could be prolonged and extensive — and you may never fully recover from all of your injuries from the wreck. Filing a claim for damages against the at-fault driver and the trucking company is the first place to start.


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