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Jackknifed trucks pose deadly dangers

Cleveland residents know how to prepare their vehicles to deal with driving in the aftermath of lake-effect snowstorms. But no matter how well-prepared and careful you are on the roads, you are still at the mercy of other drivers around you who might be less cautious. One particular danger that is heightened in winter…

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Working in the cold in Ohio? Beware of the increased danger to your safety

If you live in northern Ohio, you expect the winter to get cold. That means bundling up when you head outside — especially if you’re going to be working in the cold for any length of time. But adding a few extra layers of clothing isn’t the only thing you can do to stay…

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Ladder safety: 10 key tips

In many occupations, ladder use is a necessity. You could be a roofer who climbs to at least 10 feet every day. You could be a janitor who occasionally has to use a ladder to change lightbulbs. Even retail workers and teachers have to use them to get items down from high shelves. The…

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Seeing and stopping: Automakers making big safety improvements

Ten automakers have improved 2021 vehicles by outfitting them with better headlights. And ten manufacturers have not only kept their promise to equip new vehicles with automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems, they’ve done it ahead of schedule. The safety improvements are expected to help significantly reduce motor vehicle crashes in 2021 and beyond. Let…

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