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Highly paid construction workers can struggle financially after a job injury

Construction is a dangerous job, and workers command pay premiums because of the risk that they take on the job. In general, construction professionals command high wages when compared with workers in other industries, which means that workers can often be the sole earner and support their family through their labor. Commanding a good…

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Ohio wrongful death lawsuits and survival actions: What’s the difference?

A wrongful death is any death that could have been prevented by a little more care or better precautions. When a loved one dies a wrongful death but there’s no actual crime involved, it can leave the victim’s survivors feeling a lot of frustration and anger on top of their grief. Ohio law actually…

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What should you do about a denied workers’ compensation claim?

When you file a workers’ compensation claim, you hope to receive benefits in the near future. You need this money to stabilize your finances as you recover from your injury. Without workers’ compensation benefits, you’re left to rely on other money, such as your personal savings, to get by while you recover. This doesn’t…

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