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Workers may need compensation after common construction site injuries

With power tools, heavy machinery, weighty construction materials and physically demanding tasks, construction sites can be dangerous places. Treatment after a construction site injury can be stressful and costly, and even common injuries can leave workers in need of additional support like workers’ compensation benefits.

Trips and falls

Construction sites can be host to a wide variety of hazards, from tripping hazards low to the ground to dangerous heights. Slipping in wet conditions, tripping on power cords or stumbling on construction materials can result in fractures or head injuries. Falls from a height—including ladders, scaffolding or the roof of a structure—can cause even more serious injuries or death.


Especially if used in a wet environment or improperly stored or maintained, power tools can put you at risk on a job site. Electrocution, one of the so-called fatal four of construction injuries—can be a significant risk and causes 8.5% of fatalities.

Head injuries from falling objects

Hard hats and other safety equipment are essential on construction sites, but a falling object can create serious head or spinal injuries even with these protections. Heavy tools, construction materials and more can easily fall from ladders, scaffolding or rooftops onto unsuspecting workers below.

Repetitive motion injuries

While a single accident does not cause these injuries, repetitive motion injuries are no less risky. Repeated motions related to laying tile or roofing and carrying heavy loads are common on construction sites, leading to painful conditions like bursitis. These repetitive motion injuries can leave workers unable to move their affected joints, create significant joint pain and even cause rashes or bruising.

Any injury on a construction site can be serious and leave workers unable to continue their duties until they recover. If you were injured while working in construction, applying for workers’ compensation benefits could give you the support you need to recover from your injuries and protect your health.