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How can an injured worker get help filing a compensation claim?

by | May 8, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

It’s not easy to get over a workplace injury. This is often true when an injury is severe enough to really change your life. But sometimes, injuries stop workers from doing their jobs as they had in the past. Fortunately, it is easy to make a claim for the workers’ compensation payments they need to recover.

  • What could go wrong after filing?

In some cases, it is not as easy to get the money for medical treatments and any other costs related to getting hurt or sick on the job. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation may reject a claim or require further medical information.

  • Who can file a claim?

Several people could file a claim on behalf of a hurt worker in Ohio. The worker can, their employer or the authorized representative of the employer of a hurt worker could also file the claim. So may the physician responsible for the worker’s health care during treatment.

  • Who should be the one to file it?

This is often a question of who can make the case that is most likely to result in fair payments for the associated medical costs. This involves medical evidence and possibly information regarding an event or the background of a problem.

  • Is the worker allowed to name an authorized representative?

Yes, the worker can have someone else file the claim. This includes a lawyer who may be more familiar with the process and can help gather the required evidence. Legal representation is especially useful if an appeal is required after a workers’ compensation claim gets rejected.


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