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More funding for infrastructure means more construction in Ohio

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Construction Accidents |

This year brought a boon to infrastructure building projects in Ohio. As roads have to bear more trade coming from and going through the Buckeye State, the government in Columbus made moves to increase the funding needed to keep cars and trucks moving.

“As Ohio’s economy continues to grow, we must be able to address the demands put on our roads and bridges,” said the director of the state’s Department of Transportation.

Drivers may notice they are paying a bit more at the pump this year. That is due to an increase in the fuel tax levied by the Ohio government, which has allowed the state to fund 100% of selected projects. Previously, local governments had to raise 10% of the budget for projects in their jurisdiction.

Columbus is disbursing money for ten projects across the state, from a widening project on I-75 in Hamilton County to improving interchanges of I-77 in Summit County. But one side effect of more construction is complicated traffic and more trucks on the road near work sites.

Workers always deserve protection from cars, trucks, construction vehicles and other heavy equipment that may be on the road. Although they are rare, accidents happen and they can cause serious damage to construction sites as well as injury to the workers within them.

An attorney can help sort out the possibility of a claim for financial damages after an unexpected accident on a construction site. Legal representation can help with workers’ compensation claims as well as possible lawsuits in civil court to help get the support people and their families need.


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