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Cleveland builder cited after crane failure on construction site

Construction is one of the nation’s most vital professions, as Ohio and other states constantly need new housing stock, office space and industrial workshops. But it can also be one of the most dangerous professions, as equipment and material has constant potential to injure people and cause damage if it is not properly handled.

This is why the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) strictly regulates the practices of construction companies along with other industries to make sure that workers and bystanders are as safe as possible. They also levy fines in the case of violations of their regulations.

A Cleveland construction firm is facing fines after OSHA cited them for serious violations following an accident involving an overloaded crane. The incident in question occurred in October 2019, when the crane dropped several steel beams onto the roof of a parking structure in the Playhouse Square district of Ohio’s largest city.

The company was working on a new 34-story residential tower near Cleveland’s Euclid Avenue. They were subcontracted to perform masonry and other work on the project by the lead contractor, which was not cited. If they do not contest the citation, the company must pay nearly $40,000.

Fortunately, no one was reported injured in the accident. But workers hurt on the job while working on construction projects always have the right to report the incident and claim financial damages. These may include reimbursement for medical expenses as well as compensation for pain and emotional distress. An attorney may be able to help judge if this pursuit is the right move for the victim of a workplace accident.