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No workers’ comp insurance leads to manslaughter charge

by | Aug 15, 2019 | Construction Accidents |

If you have ever wondered how workers’ compensation insurance benefits employers and employees, a recent news report should clarify things.

The owner of a construction business in Ohio was recently convicted for involuntary manslaughter. The business owner did not kill anyone outright, but one of his employees died in a 2017 construction accident. At that time, the business owner did not have workers’ comp insurance.

The employee was working on the roof of a three-story building when he slipped and fell. Reportedly, the victim was not using any fall protection when the construction accident occurred. It was only his second day of working with the company.

After the incident, the owner faced a charge of involuntary manslaughter as well as a workers’ compensation felony fraud charge. A court reportedly convicted him on the manslaughter charge, but the news report did not say anything further about the fraud charges. The investigation of the construction accident uncovered several other disturbing facts about the company owner.

  • He lied multiple times about his business to “minimize his premiums or avoid paying them”
  • Before this accident, two other employees fell and suffered injuries while not protected by safety equipment
  • He also did not have workers’ comp at the time of the other two construction accidents
  • He has told the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation that he was no longer in business and that he did not have employees

As you can see, this business owner would not be in so much trouble if he had complied with the law and provided coverage to his workers. This is why workers’ compensation exists: to protect all parties involved in a work arrangement. This incident also highlights how victims of work accidents and injuries can turn to the law for assistance when their employers fail to comply with regulations.


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