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Has bicyclist safety improved on Cleveland roadways?

Choosing to bike or to walk in lieu of driving has become popular in Ohio cities, including Cleveland. Many people choose this form of transportation because it promotes better health and saves money on fuel expenses. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians often result in serious or catastrophic harm.

Regarding cycle safety on roadways, there is much discussion about how walkers and bikers can avoid these motor vehicle accidents. However, let us not forget that motorists can do their part to prevent accidents as well. Getting these drivers to take safety seriously is the difficult part.

It is not all grim. According to an article from March 2019, the city of Cleveland has made progress in increasing cyclist safety. Over a one year period, almost one dozen bicycle riders suffered severe injuries in bicycle involved motor vehicle accidents. The good news is that only one cyclist has died from a crash in the past three years.

The problem area appears to be the lack of care motorists practice when driving close to bike riders and pedestrians. In the article, one cyclist described how some drivers pass bicycles within just a few inches of the handlebars. He added that many motorists speed up to get past a bike at intersections and then turn in front of the cyclist.

To sum up, road safety for cyclists seems to be improving in Cleveland, but motorists need to recognize and act upon the dangers they present to these other forms of transportation. Until that can happen, bike riders injured in motor vehicle accidents can use the law to hold negligent motorists responsible for the harm they cause. An injury attorney can help victims explore the legal options at their disposal.