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Coming soon to your vehicle—the newest safety technology

No one wants to be in a car accident, even a minor fender-bender. This is the fuel that drives innovators to continue developing vehicle safety features. Here are seven safety features available now, and two more you can expect to find standard on vehicles within the next few years. 1. Automatic braking Perhaps you have…

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Changes may be coming to Ohio workers’ compensation law

According to a report, about 117,000 members of the Ohio workforce suffered an injury or illness in 2017 due to workplace hazards. This level of occupational injury highlights how necessary the state’s workers’ compensation program is to employees. Workers rely on these benefits to fill the gap when an illness or injury takes them…

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Has bicyclist safety improved on Cleveland roadways?

Choosing to bike or to walk in lieu of driving has become popular in Ohio cities, including Cleveland. Many people choose this form of transportation because it promotes better health and saves money on fuel expenses. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians often result in serious or catastrophic harm. Regarding cycle safety…

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5 dangerous intersections in Cuyahoga County

Cleveland’s roadways seem crowded these days. As motorists commute to work and other places, they must navigate an intricate maze of highways, roads, streets and bridges. Unfortunately, though, some intersections in Cuyahoga County are more dangerous than others.  Few things can stop you in your tracks faster than a motor vehicle accident. After all,…

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Learn about the heat stroke risks for construction workers

People who work in and around Cleveland know that the summer months bring a lot of heat and humidity to the area. Those who work outdoors, including construction workers, are highly susceptible to heat illnesses ranging from sunburn to heat stroke. Like construction accidents that result in damage to the body, work-related heat illnesses…

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