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Ohio workers’ compensation and total temporary disability

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Workplace accidents typically result in only minor injuries. Unfortunately, sometimes these incidents leave a worker suffering from total disability. In some cases, the disability may be permanent, but in many others, injured workers will recover enough to return to work.

While total temporary disability is unfortunate, at least you still have a chance to make a full or partial recovery. During the time that you are disabled, workers’ compensation is there to help you pay your bills, replace your income and cover all of the medical expenses related to your injury. Filing for these benefits is the first step, but many times, these claims result in denial.

As you might expect, employers do not like to have injuries appearing on their employment records. As such, they may attempt to deny that the injury occurred on-the-job. Another way employers may try to block total temporary disability benefits is by claiming that your injury does not qualify for workers’ compensation.

Even if your employer is sympathetic to your plight and supports your right to acquire disability benefits, the insurance provider may deny your claim. After all, selling insurance is a business and most businesses exist to turn a profit. Our workers’ compensation attorneys want all Ohio employees to know that you have the right to seek a solution after receiving a denial notice.

We understand that suffering a total temporary disability was never part of your plan. We know that such an injury threatens how you and your family exist going forward. Unaddressed financial burdens along with a lack of funds to cover the treatment your injuries require can change everything about your life in an instant.

For these reasons and many others, we urge you to speak with an attorney after a workers’ compensation claim denial. You can also learn more about total temporary disability by continuing to read our web pages.


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