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What kind of chemical hazards threaten Ohio construction workers?

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Construction Accidents |

When you think about construction accidents, you probably picture falling or involvement in an equipment accident. While these hazards often lead to severe injuries or death, they represent only a few of the dangers Cleveland construction workers face every day. An often-overlooked threat to the health and well-being of construction workers involves exposure to toxic chemicals. Below you will find a list of toxic hazards present in the construction industry.


This hazardous substance appears in many products used by workers including shingles, joint compound, cement board and floor tiles. Exposure to asbestos can lead to several dangerous lung diseases.

Flame retardants

Construction accidents in which a worker suffers exposure to these substances could lead to cancer and other severe consequences. Flame retardants commonly appear in fabrics as well as thermal insulation boards.


Exposure to formaldehyde often results in serious respiratory problems and may even cause cancer. The hazards associated with this substance typically impact manufacturers, but construction workers could suffer exposure from handling plywood, insulation materials and carpet.


Glass, concrete and brick are common materials used in construction. What you might not know is that these materials also contain silica. Inhaling silica dust could result in many life-threatening health issues such as lung cancer, kidney cancer and silicosis.

Construction accidents occur in many different ways, including accidental exposure to toxic materials. Whether an accident threatened your life or simply took you away from your job for a while, you deserve compensation for your suffering. Please consider taking your story to a legal professional if you are having difficulty acquiring the accident benefits you are due or if negligence played a part in your injuries.


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