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3 dangers to watch out for when riding your motorcycle

You share the road with motorcyclists in Cleveland every day when you are driving in your car. If you are thinking about parking your car to ride your motorcycle to experience a bit of freedom and excitement, you may want to brush up on some safety tips first.

Motorcycles may be a cool alternative to regular automobiles, but they are not as safe. For instance, they do not offer as much protection as most motor vehicles, and the stakes are much higher in accidents. Besides the risk of falls, motorcyclists are in danger of sustaining serious and life-threatening injuries in motorcycle accidents. You should always wear proper safety gear and follow all traffic laws and courtesies. Here are a few hazards that motorcyclists encounter every day on the roads that you should keep watch for:

1. Inexperienced motorists

New drivers mean more driving errors. Because such drivers lack proper experience behind the wheel, they are likely to make crucial mistakes that make the roads more dangerous for others, especially bikers. Common errors that inexperienced motorists make that cause motorcycle accidents include failing to yield the right of way, not checking for motorcyclists when driving, changing lanes, making left-hand turns and traveling too closely behind motorcycles.

2. Distracted and drunk/intoxicated drivers

Defensive driving is a must, especially when you are on a motorcycle. Distracted and intoxicated drivers are a danger to everyone, not just bikers. People who drink, use drugs and medications that cause impairment, text and other activities that impact driving behaviors often fail to identify potential hazards. This often results in them operating their vehicles recklessly, making it harder for bikers and motorists to safely anticipate and avoid dangers and situations that lead to avoidable accidents.

3. Commercial vehicles

Bikers must pay extra attention when sharing the roads with commercial truck operators. Semis, trailers and other large trucks have blind spots that cars and SUVs do not have that make them extremely dangerous to motorcyclists. Keep in mind that if you are on your motorcycle around commercial trucks, drivers may not be able to see you.

With proper precautions and sufficient distance between your bike and other vehicles, it is possible for you to steer clear of the above dangers and remain accident- and injury-free.