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Intersections are termed “conflict points” for good reason

Professionals who study intersections and work on ways to make them safer are familiar with the term “conflict points.” Everyone passes through these conflict points, whether on foot, on a bike or in a vehicle. The goal is to get through intersections without incident, but sometimes that is easier said than done. Crossing paths…

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3 tips for driving safer on Ohio roads

Ohio has made significant progress in recent years when it comes to traffic and road safety. Despite the gains in safety, however, motor vehicle crashes are still an all-too-frequent reality on Ohio freeways and rural roads.  There are a few things you can do to improve your safety on Ohio roadways and reduce your…

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Not all car-pedestrian crashes appear on police reports

Agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gather statistics about injuries and fatalities resulting from car-pedestrian collisions. However, researchers have to go to various sources for details because some of this information does not show up in police reports. The risks of walking Everyone takes a risk in walking, just as we do…

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