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Technology to stop backup accidents seems to be working

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Since its introduction a few years ago, backup safety technology has supposedly reduced accidents significantly. In fact, in 2014, the U.S. National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) declared that it would mandatory for all auto makers to integrate backup cameras in all new builds beginning in May of 2018.

However, all new technology has its doubters. With any technology involving automated driving, questions arise about whether a technological solution can be more reliable than a human being and whether the technology could fail at critical times. Is the new technology really safer?

Even with the understandable skepticism, this technology appears to be working. According to CBS News online, the new safety tech has actually been reducing accidents significantly.

“Rear automatic braking…is linked to a 62 percent drop in reported backup accidents… Combining automatic braking with rearview cameras and sensors can reportedly cut reverse crashes by 78 percent.”

With the research underway and some initial statistical data being explored, it appears that the backup safety automated driving technology is serving to prevent accidents.

For everyone driving, walking or bicycling, this is great news. It does not, however, negate the need to remain cautious out there and to always keep an eye out for potential accidents caused by failed backup technology.


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