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Car accidents: Single-car crash kills driver and 1 passenger

Drivers in Ohio are always at an increased risk during this time of the year when roads can be slick from being covered with ice. Such conditions could even be challenging for experienced drivers, and teenage drivers may be caught unaware if they encounter slippery patches. Sadly, car accidents caused by ice covered roads…

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Driving far to drive far: Long commutes for truck drivers

Everyone knows about the dangers of driving while exhausted – how it slows reaction times and judgment, increases the potential for falling asleep behind the wheel and make serious accidents much more likely. The danger is increased when 18-wheelers are involved because of their size and weight. Everyone who has thought about the matter…

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Why would an employer reject a workers’ compensation claim?

Ohio employees whose employers rejected their claims for insurance benefits may have questions about their eligibility. Workers’ compensation is insurance that covers workplace injuries, regardless of who was at fault. Rejections can follow if injured employees were determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also, injuries that occurred during criminal activities…

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Car accidents: Alcohol use suspected in crash on Jan. 1

New Year’s Eve is known to be a time for celebrations, often including alcohol. While some partygoers arrange for designated drivers or other transport after consuming alcohol, others put their own lives and the lives of passengers on the line by insisting on driving. Sadly, many tragic car accidents happen on New Year’s Day….

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Construction workers’ accidents: Ohio man dies in trench collapse

Construction sites will always be hazardous terrain to navigate, especially for employees whose tasks take them into excavations. Too many lives are lost in construction workers’ accidents that are caused by collapsing walls of trenches. An Ohio family has to cope with such a tragedy that claimed the life of a loved one only…

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