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Workers’ compensation can ease the financial burden after injury

Workplace injuries can be life changing and impact both victims and their loved ones. This is underscored by the consequences of an incident in which an Ohio worker was struck by a company vehicle. Although the injured man will receive workers’ compensation benefits to provide financial support, his suffering involves much more than economical hardship.

Reportedly, four employees of a landscaper were hard at work on Oct. 16 when a co-worker lost control of the truck he was operating and smashed into them. The worker whose injuries were most severe suffered fractured ribs and legs, a separated pelvis, kidney damage, back injuries, and a gaping open wound to is head. He remains hospitalized and says he receives physical therapy every day because he was told that his recovery could take up to eight months.

The injured man says he has to relearn essential activities that most people take for granted. These include relearning to walk and get dressed, shower, eat, and other daily tasks. He added that along with the physical struggles come the emotional hardship of being away from is beloved family and boy who is only two years old. However, he believes the incident was an accident, and investigators are working to confirm or dispute this.

While this employee explained how the on-the-job injury has affected his life, he also mentioned the anxiety he continues to experience about the mounting medical bills and loss of income. Fortunately, the Ohio workers’ compensation insurance system aims to ease the financial burden of those who suffer workplace injuries. With the support and guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, the complicated administrative and legal proceedings can be navigated in pursuit of maximum benefits.

Source:, “A local man is recovering after a co-worker hit him, 3 others with a truck“, Amy Montgomery, Nov. 1, 2017