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November 2017 Archives

Construction workers' accidents: 1 dead after water cap blows

While construction workers in Ohio and elsewhere are exposed to many known safety hazards, unexpected incidents sometimes have devastating consequences. Even with all safety precautions in place, things can go wrong, and unanticipated construction workers' accidents can happen. Such was the case on a recent Tuesday morning in a neighboring state.

Ohio workers' compensation has the back of firefighters

Firefighters in Ohio will likely be relieved after an announcement last month that funds will be made available to provide them with better protection against the health hazards they face. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation has established a program to limit the exposure of the state's firefighters to various toxic elements when they are fighting fires. The program is called the Firefighter Exposure to Environmental Elements Grant Program.

Car accidents: Rear-end crash kills Ohio high school sophomore

A sophomore at an Ohio high school lost her life in a recent crash near Rosewell. Fatal car accidents are always tragic, and when teenagers are killed, the trauma also affects their peers. A candlelight vigil was planned to help fellow students deal with their grief after this tragedy.

Workers' compensation can ease the financial burden after injury

Workplace injuries can be life changing and impact both victims and their loved ones. This is underscored by the consequences of an incident in which an Ohio worker was struck by a company vehicle. Although the injured man will receive workers' compensation benefits to provide financial support, his suffering involves much more than economical hardship.