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Construction workers’ accidents: 2 injured in work zone crash

Working in road construction zones in Ohio and other states is often life-threatening. Not only are the employees exposed to the dangerous road construction equipment, but their lives are also threatened by negligent drivers who pass through. Many lives have been lost and severe injuries suffered in construction workers’ accidents on the country’s highways.

Workers at a work zone at the ramp between I-270 south and I-70 west were fortunate to escape fatal injuries during a recent incident that involved a motorist. According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, a concrete barrier was in place to protect the workers from the passing traffic. However, one motorist managed to get his car in the space between the concrete barrier and the guardrail.

Upon the car’s approach, one contract worker tried to get out of the way. However, a crash occurred, and the driver of the vehicle and an injured construction worker were transported to the hospital. The severity of the injuries was not disclosed, nor was there any report about pending charges against the driver.

When construction workers’ accidents occur in work zones on the highways of Ohio, injured victims may file benefits claims with the workers’ compensation insurance program. However, in cases in which a third party (i.e. someone other than the employer or a co-worker) is deemed the negligent party, the injured worker may have grounds to also pursue a civil lawsuit. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can explain the necessary steps to take to file a personal injury lawsuit and a workers’ compensation benefits claim.

Source:, “Construction worker injured after car crashes into work zone in west Columbus“, Sept. 7, 2017