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Workers’ compensation provides valuable assistance

A stamping plant in Ohio is facing penalties of over $200,000 for violations of safety violations. With additional expenses in increased premiums after workers’ compensation claims, such fines can have adverse effects on any company’s bottom line. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently concluded two investigations at this facility.

The incidents that led to the OSHA investigations occurred in January and March. A total of 10 safety violations were identified, and all were classified as serious, except one willful violation. Safety hazards included dangerous stacking of parts that could fall onto employees, the lack of protection from working machines and the failure to provide training in the safe operation of equipment. Furthermore, a citation was issued for failing to ensure machines are free of defects by establishing a program for regular inspections.

According to OSHA, the January incident involved an employee whose ankle was severely injured when an unstable stack of metal blanks collapsed and slid onto his leg. Then, in March, an employee suffered a crushed thumb. This happened when his thumb was caught between a die and the shaker table.

Both these workers may suffer long-term consequences of their injuries. Fortunately, injured workers in Ohio can rely on financial help in the form of workers’ compensation benefits. All their medical expenses will be covered, and a portion of any wages lost due to temporary disability will also be included in the benefits. In cases in which an injury prevents a worker from returning to the same job, he or she may apply for vocational rehabilitation that could provide training to master new skills.

Source:, “OSHA fines Maumee plant $200K for safety violations“, Valentin Ornelas, Jr, July 28, 2017