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Orange is a great color for motorcycle riders

by | May 2, 2017 | Blog |

When you think of biker fashion, you probably think “black.” More experienced motorcyclists especially love black helmets, pants and jackets. They also love black motorcycles. The problem is, these dark hues tend to become invisible. Additionally, motorcycle and rider together make a much smaller object than the average automobile, and if that object happens to be cruising along in a driver’s blind spot, there can be trouble.

What if a motorist decides to swerve into the lane occupied by the unseen biker? Motorcycle riders must always think about their safety, and one way to become safer on the road is to wear bright colors.

Helmet color is extremely important.

Giving up black may not seem such a big deal when you get a good look at the latest in biker attire. High-visibility orange or yellow in a jacket or helmet would be a good choice because these colors mean “caution” and will get a motorist’s attention, even if only for a split second. Your goal is to let a driver know you are in the vicinity, which is why a brightly colored motorcycle is also worthy of serious consideration.

Reflective tape should be used, as well. 

If you cannot run right out and purchase a colorful new motorcycle, add reflective tape to your beloved bike. Put it on your front forks and on any part of your bike that is at a distance from a light source, such as your panniers. Some bikers also put reflective tape on their wheels. After dark, this will allow motorists to get a good look at you from the side if, for example, you are stopped at an intersection.

The truth in statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 88,000 motorcycle riders were injured in 2015 across the country, and 54 percent of those who died were bikers 40 years of age or older. The facts cannot be disputed: Older motorcyclists suffer more serious injuries than younger bikers, and you may be a member of this group. 

If you are interested in more statistics about motorcycle accidents and need legal help due to a crash in which you were involved, reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer can carefully review your case and work toward the best outcome possible — even if you may have been wearing black at the time of the crash instead of high-visibility orange.


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