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Costs of amputations caused by car accidents are recoverable

Catastrophic injuries typically have life-altering consequences — not only for the victim but also for that person’s loved ones. If, for example, a limb is lost, the victim’s home and vehicle might have to be modified to accommodate his or her new physical limitations, and he or she might never be able to return to work. Such injuries are often the result of car accidents, and the negligence of one Ohio driver can change the life of another in the blink of an eye.

The unanticipated expenses might cause financial ruin. These could include medical treatment and procedures, rehabilitation, vocational training and home and vehicle modifications. One way in which to deal with this is to pursue compensation through the civil justice system. However, coping with the legal proceedings could be overwhelming at a time when the victim must adjust to a new lifestyle.

This is where the skills of the law firm of Bashein & Bashein in Cleveland comes in. If the negligence of another person caused the injuries, the victim might be entitled to seek recovery of damages. These may include all medical expenses, lost wages, disability, loss of life enjoyment and pain and suffering.

Following catastrophic car accidents, the seasoned attorneys at Bashein & Bashein can navigate a personal injury claim in an Ohio civil court and advocate for the victims throughout all the legal proceedings. They will assess what it would take to provide the plaintiff with a life as normal as possible and then fight for a monetary judgment to achieve that. While the injured person recovers, our lawyers can take care of the legal problems.