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Spring driving dangers and how to avoid them

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Car Accidents |

The groundhog may have claimed that there are six weeks left of winter, but spring will come faster than you anticipate. As the snow melts and the temperatures warm up, you deal with unique driving conditions that may cause accidents. Every time the season changes, you are forced to adapt your driving to deal with the newest danger. You can help avoid being involved in or causing accidents if you are prepared for common spring driving dangers and the best ways to avoid them.

Animals looking for food

As many animals come out of hibernation or enter mating season after the winter, they head to more populated, lower areas to find food. This means you are more likely to see them on the side of the road, or even worse, in the middle of the road as you speed by. Deer and other animals are more active at dusk or dawn, so be particularly careful during those times. If you see a sign that animal activity is close, always drive slow and keep your eyes peeled.

Pedestrians and bicyclists on the roads

Once the sun starts shining, people flock to enjoy it. Some will stop driving to and from work and walk if they can, and there are consistently more pedestrians on the road in spring than there are in winter. Pay close attention to where crosswalks are located, slow down in heavily populated areas and drive slowly when you are passing bicycles or people on the sidewalks.

Poor road conditions and construction

Sand, snow plows, ice and salt are used regularly in the summer to keep the roads drivable when Mother Nature decides she wants to come out and play. Unfortunately, these things can also damage the roads and create new potholes where there were none before. If you are driving a path that you’ve driven before, watch for changes in the roads that can damage your car or cause an accident if you aren’t careful.

Flooding and rain

You’ve escaped the bitter cold of snow and winter, and now it is time for the rainy days of spring. Wet pavement and rain are common causes of accidents and create slippery roads that make it harder to stop. It can take up to four times as long for your car to stop if the roads are wet. If it is raining, slow down or wait to drive until it is dry again.

Motor vehicle accidents can happen during any season, and the effects of the injuries may last a lifetime. If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident, consult with an attorney today.


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