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Construction workers’ accidents: 25-foot fall seriously injures 2

One of the primary safety hazards on construction sites in Ohio and other states is fall accidents. However, many employers continue to disregard federal safety regulations. Many construction workers’ accidents with devastating consequences occur because of unsafe scaffolding structures and a lack of fall protection.

Two employees at a construction site on the premises of a middle school recently suffered serious injuries in a fall accident. According to preliminary reports, the two men were standing on scaffolding boards that were held by a mechanical arm. It is suspected that the arm malfunctioned, causing the workers to fall approximately 25 feet to the ground. One co-worker witnessed the fall, but he could not tell authorities what caused it.

Reportedly, one of the workers fell onto a piece of upright rebar that impaled his leg. Paramedics rushed the two injured employees to the emergency department of a regional hospital. Investigators of the Occupational Safety and Health Department arrived at the construction site to determine the circumstances that led to the accident and evaluate the employer’s compliance with safety regulations. It is unknown whether the employees wore fall protection.

Following construction workers’ accidents that caused serious injuries, victims could spend months away from work. Along with lost wages, victims also face overwhelming hospital and doctor’s bills. Fortunately, help is available through the Ohio workers’ compensation insurance system. Injured victims can pursue financial assistance by filing benefits claims that typically covers medical costs and income loss. Employees that suffer traumatic injuries that cause disabilities may also receive vocational training to teach them skills that will accommodate their physical challenges.

Source:, “Accident at Middletown school construction site sends 2 to hospital“, Lauren Pack, Feb. 10, 2017