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5 tips for safe driving as the weather warms up

When temperatures are freezing and there is ice everywhere you turn, the last thing you are worried about is driving on warmer roads, but spring is just around the corner, and presents its own set of driving hazards.

It is always better to drive defensively, to be aware of the potential dangers around you and to know your risks before you get behind the wheel. The following five tips can help you stay safe while driving as the flowers bloom and the temperatures rise.

1. Do your regular maintenance

Is your car prepared to take on rain storms and wet roads? Check your lights and replace your wiper blades to guarantee that you can see through the rain and that your wipers can remove water from your windshield quickly. Also, check your tire pressure, as tires often deflate during the harsh winter weather. Not only does proper tire pressure promote safe driving, it can also improve how many miles you get per gallon.

2. Don’t be in a hurry

Every time the seasons change, drivers must adjust to new road conditions. You may be in snow and ice mode, but spring weather is more likely to be rainy. Driving in rain requires completely different skills than driving in snow, so once the temperatures rise, start the season off slowly. The roads during the spring are often a mix of leaked fluids, oil and rainwater and can be especially slippery.

3. Watch closely for animals

Warmer weather brings many types of animals out of hibernation, and they may be closer to the roads looking for food. Most rural highways have animals surrounding them, and you should slow down to avoid hitting one. Not only can hitting a wild animal be incredibly dangerous, but it can also cause extreme damage to your vehicle and injure or maim the animal.

4. Be aware of construction zones

Construction projects are often put on hold during the winter and start back up when the weather warms up, so you may notice more work zones and construction areas on your regular routes. Always slow down when you come upon these sites, to protect yourself and the workers on the road.

5. Pull off the road when necessary

If a heavy rain shower starts or the elements are overwhelming you while you are driving, always pull off the road and ask for assistance, or simply wait it out. Getting to your destination faster is not worth risking your life or another’s.

Cautious driving is vital to keeping drivers, pedestrians and passengers safe on the road, and there are times where accidents happen and injuries are caused by the actions of another. If you find yourself in this position, call an attorney immediately.