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Tow truck drivers and drowsy driving

Winter can be a very busy time for some businesses here in Ohio. This includes towing businesses. With the icy and snowy conditions winter brings, a lot of different situations can arise over the season in which cars need a tow. So, this time of year, it is quite common to see tow trucks out on Ohio’s roads.

Lots of different things can impact the safety of tow truck drivers and those around them out on the roads. One is how awake a tow truck driver is behind the wheel. Major accidents can come out of tow truck drivers driving when they are too tired.

Special drowsy driving concerns can arise in relation to the towing industry in winter, given how busy of a time it can be for towing companies. The high demand for towing this time of year can put pressure on such companies to have their vehicles out on the roads as much as possible. This can lead to some long hours for tow truck drivers, particularly those who work for smaller companies.

Tow truck drivers working too many hours consecutively, in addition to raising drowsy driving concerns, can also run afoul of regulations. Ohio has regulations on how many hours such drivers can work consecutively. Also, there are certain situations in which Ohio tow truck drivers can be subject to federal commercial vehicle regulations on hours.

So, during the winter towing season, it can be very important for towing companies to keep close track of their tow truck drivers’ work hours and ensure that they aren’t having their drivers work too many hours consecutively. It can also be important for such companies to make sure to not engage in conduct that could encourage their drivers to engage in unsafe driving, like drowsy driving.

Motor vehicle accidents involving tow trucks can cause great harm. They can also raise some very important legal issues for their victims. For example, they can raise workers’ comp issues for tow truck drivers and personal injury claim issues for other victims of such accidents. Skilled attorneys can assist individuals harmed in tow truck accidents with the legal issues particular to their situation.

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