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December 2016 Archives

Construction workers' accidents: Falls top of violations list

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, this year's list of occupational safety violations is topped by falls, with almost 7,000 breaches reported. Although they can occur in any workplace environment, most fall injuries and fatalities involve construction workers' accidents. OSHA issued one of the highest fines issued for such violations in November. An Ohio-based roofing company was assessed almost $308,000 for its failure to provide roofing workers with fall protection.

Tow truck drivers and drowsy driving

Winter can be a very busy time for some businesses here in Ohio. This includes towing businesses. With the icy and snowy conditions winter brings, a lot of different situations can arise over the season in which cars need a tow. So, this time of year, it is quite common to see tow trucks out on Ohio’s roads.

Car accidents with big rigs often lead to fatalities

The sheer size and weight of semi trailers pose a deadly threat to occupants of passenger vehicles. Big rig vs. car accidents more often than not result in loss of lives and/or catastrophic injuries. One such crash in Ohio caused the death of one person and led to criminal charges against another.

Truck safety regulations: what are hours of service rules?

Roadway safety is an important issue for all of us, because we all use the road and are all at risk when other motorists fail to exercise reasonable care. Trucking safety, in particular, is an important issue because of the harm that can be done to motorists who become involved in a truck accident is potentially significant, and the trucking industry has a special duty to exercise care in its operations to ensure public safety.

Are budget-cuts increasing the danger for drivers?

Most people don't think much about the stripes in the middle of roads: Those little yellow or white stripes that run through almost all of our major roads and highways. However, these lines are critical to the safety of drivers. Especially at night, when most motor vehicle accidents occur, we depend on these little stripes to keep everyone in their lanes and avoid major accidents.