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March 2016 Archives

Why claims are made against hospitalists in Ohio

Hospitalists are physicians who for the most part have been trained in internal or family medicine. However, they generally work in a hospital instead of a private practice, and they may receive specialized training to provide quality care within that setting. They usually work with those who experiencing serious health conditions in coordination with the patients' specialists.

Lawsuit alleges Essure birth control harmed women

Women in Ohio who chose Essure as their birth control method should be concerned by reports of serious side effects. The Food and Drug Administration has received numerous complaints from women with health issues that they blame on the nonsurgical implants. A lawsuit with 32 women plaintiffs has been filed against the maker of the implants, Bayer AG, claiming that they were not adequately warned about potential health problems.

Improving recall in medication pass protocol

Nursing professionals in Ohio hospitals can face long days and heavy loads of work activity, which can lend to challenges in accuracy during the course of any given day. However, they are expected to meet a high professional standard in their work activities because of the serious implications that could exist in case of errors. One of the most serious areas of concern is with regard to the medication pass process.

Study suggests medical errors common among pediatric patients

When Ohio parents admit their children to a hospital, their vigilance could catch medical errors. A team of researchers interested in how often parents detected mistakes in their children's medical care conducted a safety survey at two pediatric units at a Boston hospital.