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Takata air bags can explode with too much force

In Ohio and the rest of the U.S., defective Takata airbags have caused the number of automobile recalls to hit record highs. These dangerous products put the number of recalls at about 51 million in 2015. According to the government, the product recalls that started in 2014 will probably continue into the future.

The Takata air bag inflators can use too much force and explode, throwing shrapnel into the drivers and passengers. Recalls are for 23 million of these defective products on 19 million cars that were sold by 12 truck and auto makers. Eight people around the world have died, and more than 100 have been injured by these exploding air bags. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a yearlong campaign called Safe Cars Save Lives that promotes their search engine for easier identification of necessary product recall repairs.

The NHTSA administrator plans to deliver a speech at the Washington Auto Show saying that identifying the defects is not enough; they want to make sure they are repaired. The agency is also working on regulations that may add other ways of notifying the owners of recalled cars and trucks, such as social media, text messages and email. The number of product recalls was larger in 2015 because car makers are being more cautious after Fiat Chrysler, Takata and General Motors were fined millions of dollars for reporting safety problems too slowly.

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