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Safer surgery practices

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2016 | Medical Malpractice |

Achieving excellent outcomes for patients requires high standards of performance in Ohio hospitals. Safety protocols have been implemented throughout the nation and on a worldwide scale to improve surgery results, and there are two primary approaches used to accomplish this, each different in focus. A recent research project by Oxford University has evaluated these approaches, noting that using them in combination may be the best option to ensure safety.

The study compared systems approaches to culture approaches in terms of their impact on safety. In a systems approach, there is a primary focus on the practices used, and a culture approach focuses on improved team communication and interaction. While each of these strategies was found to result in better safety for patients, a combination of these areas of focus proved to be even more successful. Researchers note that the study demonstrates the need for both facets of surgical practice to be addressed and improved.

While hospitals and patients can benefit from a better focus on teamwork and improved methods, accomplishing this may be a challenge. Workers lack the time and resources needed to independently tackle these issues, which makes it necessary for administrators to develop and implement strategies, providing training and protocols to equip care providers with the understanding needed to cooperatively effect the necessary changes. Because a high level of performance can provide a hospital with a variety of benefits, there is good reason for administrators and professionals to move forward according to the recommendations of the Oxford study.

Medical negligence can be difficult for patients and their loved ones to identify in cases of a surgical error. There might be suspicions, but manifestations of a surgery-related problem such as a tool or sponge that is left behind could take time. A legal representative might able to identify negligence and help a victim file a claim.


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