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Parents warned about recalled children’s cough syrup

Ohio parents of young children may want to check their medicine cabinets to determine if they have any of the children’s cough syrup that was recently recalled. The Perrigo Company announced that it was recalling two of its children’s cough syrup products due to concerns over defective dosing cups. According to the company, the dosing cups included with the cough syrups were manufactured with incorrect measurement markings.

The cough syrups affected by the product recall are children’s guaifenesin grape liquid and children’s guaifenesin DM cherry liquid. The company believes that the dosing cups that were included with two batches of the grape cough syrup and three batches of the cherry cough syrup were mislabeled. The dosing cups were not manufactured by Perrigo.

Although no adverse events involving the cough syrups have been reported, the recall was fueled by concerns about the potential for an accidental overdose. If children take too much of the cough syrup, they could experience side effects such as hallucinations, seizures and coma. Perrigo has advised parents to dispose of the dosing cups instead of attempting to measure the correct dosage of cough syrup. The company says that serious side effects are not likely to occur if parents do use the defective products to measure their child’s cough syrup.

People can sustain severe injuries after taking a medication that has been measured incorrectly or mislabeled. An attorney who has experience in products liability litigation can often assist a client who has been injured by mislabeled medication in filing a dangerous product lawsuit against the manufacturer.